Data Science & Machine Learning


A Python software package that uses deep learning and symmetry preserving neural networks to enhance existing methods for simulating molecular systems, making them faster and more accurate.

Skills: deep learning, software development, TensorFlow, PyTorch


Web-app that lets users explore recent arXiv publications based on their research interests.

Skills: AWS, Docker, dash/plotly, spectral-clustering, recommender systems, gensim

Twitter Sentiment Tracker

Web-app to track twitter users' sentiments towards topics and gain insights into market and cultural trends

Skills: AWS, Apache Spark, Databricks, ETL, streaming data, sentiment analysis, dash/plotly

So you want to move to...?

Finding (Pareto) optimal neighborhoods in NYC

Skills: (polynomial, k-NN, random forest)-regression, data visualization, scikit-learn, dash/plotly

Saturation spectroscopy

Data analysis workflow of a saturation spectroscopy study on Rubidium. The experiment was conducted as part of the Graduate Laboratory course at Stony Brook University.

Skills: scientific data analysis, dashboards

Political twitter

Analysis of the US political twitter landscape.

Skills: ETL, sentiment analysis, hypotheses testing, data visualization, bokeh, networkx